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time is money...

By outsourcing your administrative tasks Virtual Office Scotland allows you to do what you do best – free up time and make money.

We all have office jobs to do which are at the bottom of the priority list, call us and you no longer need to worry about them.

VOS provides flexible, professional, confidential and efficient business and lifestyle support services. Our clients are consultants, executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

VOS supplies your very own Virtual Assistant (VA). A VA does all the tasks a PA does, from their own fully equipped online office. We have regular catch-up meetings with you to fully understand how you work and how we can work best together.

why use a va?

Salary, sickness pay, holiday cover, pc, desk, chair – these are expenses you need not incur by using a VA. You only pay for the service and time that is required. If you only need a few hours here and there, give us a call and that's exactly what we do. You are not tied into any lengthy contracts. Don't get caught up in the worries of employment law, pensions, redundancy risk if you don't need to.