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what is a virtual assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) provides administrative support and specialised services to businesses, entrepreneurs, executive managers and other busy people. They are highly skilled independent contractors who make use of the advances in modern technology to complete assignments via the internet, email, or USB. Traditional methods such as regular mail and overnight courier are also used. VAs are available to you only when required and, unlike a temporary employee, guarantee you the same great service from the same dedicated staff every time but without the problems associated with employing staff or hiring temps. The majority of VAs have many years experience as senior secretaries or personal assistants and who choose, for a variety of reasons, to operate as a VA.

how does it work and how do we get the work to you?

You send us the work you need completing in the most convenient way for your business, i.e. email, fax, post, etc. The work is then completed to meet your set criteria and timescale and returned to you in via your preferred route.

do you offer a collection and/or delivery service?

VOS is based in Cavalry Business Park, Peebles. Free collection and delivery is offered within a 10 mile radius of the office location. Beyond that distance charges will be relative to the distance and time involved. Alternatively, we can arrange for postage or a courier service to deliver to your business location.

how do we calculate the cost of using the service?

This really depends on what your requirements are. You only pay for the time it physically takes the PA to complete the task. E.g. a 1 hour transcription tape of good quality usually takes around 4 hours to complete. So this would be priced at 4 x £17.50 = £70. The best thing to do is contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

what is digital dictation and how does it work?

Digital dictation is a new technology that is becoming increasingly popular among many professions and is quickly taking over from traditional cassette recorders and transcription machines.

The principle remains the same; the client records with a digital recorder and the virtual assistant transcribes the files. Instead of tapes, the client uses a small pocket size digital recorder which allows the audio file to be uploaded onto the client’s PC and emailed to the Virtual Assistant who will have the software to allow transcription of the file. The file is then emailed back to the client as a word document.

the advantages.

The following points are a few of the advantages of using digital dictation software:

  • Digital recording and transcribing is much faster. No need to post tapes. Email allows your recordings to be sent instantly to your virtual assistant. Also, the risk of losing or damaging tapes is eliminated.
  • No courier costs for delivery of urgent work. Simply email it!
  • If your work entails a lot of travelling, you can record and email your audio files from any location .
  • The sound quality of digital recordings is superior to that of tapes and will not deteriorate over time.

we need a pa to assist at meetings is this possible?

For companies based in Edinburgh or the Borders, your PA will attend meetings to take notes or minutes which she will then copy up into your preferred format and distribute to those present at the meeting.